ActiveX Controls

This site contains useful information about ActiveX Controls and provides a number of the controls written by Moon Valley Software that are free to download and use.

ActiveX Controls (formerly known as OLE controls or OCX controls) are components that can be inserted into an application to reuse packaged functionality someone else programmed. Using controls helps programmers develop applications without having to "reinvent the wheel" for many common actions.

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Using an ActiveX Control

There are a few different ways to interface with and use an ActiveX Control, such as using a test container, writing a program that uses it, or using it on a web page.

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Registering an ActiveX Control

Registering an ActiveX Control enables it to be recognized by the system. Registering is very easy to do using a program included with Windows.

ActiveX Control - Registering For more information on registering a control, click here.

Writing an ActiveX Control

Creating an ActiveX Control is easy using Visual Studio. Whether you are using Visual Basic, C++, or another language, you should be able to start a new ActiveX project using the New Project wizard. After you have created your project, create public functions and methods to perform the desired tasks. Whatever you make public will be available to other programs.

ActiveX Control - Writing For more information and resources on writing a control, click here.


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